Prices for mosaics — approximate. The exact amount we can announce, but having considered the particular pattern (knowing the size, number of colors and the complexity of the pattern). So — we are waiting for your calls and emails!

We’ll estimate your project with pleasure

Panel set matrix (mosaic 20×20 mm).

Price: from 180 to 250 usd per m ² (discussed individually).

Typically, 20×20 mm mosaic is used to produce ​​patterns, banners, mixed patterns and borders on the rather big areas (solid walls, swimming pools, facades of buildings, baths), both horizontal and vertical. This is the most price-reasonable option. In addition, our experts will advise you the best matrix mosaic option for you.

Matrix-based panel (tesserae 10х10 mm).

Price: from 230 to 360 usd per m ²

Mosaic of size 10х10 mm allows producing more delicate designs with detailed elements and contours. It perfectly fits for panels with floral and landscape decors. It is the best option for areas of 2 square meters and more.

Hand-craft mosaic murals (Roman mosaic technique)

Price: from 1000 to 2000 usd per m ²

Such panels are truly exclusive! All the work is delicately made by hand allowing to depict even the tiniest details. Panels made using Roman technique excites the imagination with their precision! It is the best solution for multi-color pictures with delicate details and lines.