Mosaic tile art Palm on pool

Tesselated picture of Palm is the classics of picture from a mosaic in pool zone. Who whatever talked, and in a pool all want itself to feel ashore sea. On it a tesselated picture must carry us in warm countries, … Читать далее

Mosaic Tile design Orchids

Tesselated picture of Orchid Initially a customer found the image of Orchids in one of collections of ceramic tile. In a tile sizes limited, on it she appealed to us. We drew a tesselated picture according to necessary sizes, picked … Читать далее

Mosaic Gold Decor

All beauty of this decor is created by a pattern and beautiful quality mosaic. The White mosaic is a mosaic a 20х20 mm, has a white not transparent color on all thickness and smooth surface from every quarter. At piling … Читать далее

Mosaic Mural Brown Flower

This mosaic can rightfully be called a hit. And indeed, detached flower mosaic can be placed on the wall with almost any size, the rest can choose a background color of the tiles, and pearl and aventurine colors always look … Читать далее

Mosaic tile design Floor with Flowers

The wish of customer was registration of all area of bathroom by a mosaic. Thus walls had to remain white, and sex had to adorn oneself a beautiful tesselated carpet or pattern. Floor tiling project was created with floral motif … Читать далее

Mosaic tile design Venice

A customer wanted to incarnate in a mosaic exactly this picture for decoration of external wall of house in a garden. Thus he stipulated clearly, that she must well look from distance in one and a half meters. We used … Читать далее

Mosaic murals Lilies

An aim was creation of original white and black artistic picture that would harmonize with a situation and colour gamut of walls. We picked up the image of lilies. In order that an artistic picture looked stylishly, originally and brought … Читать далее

Mosaic tile design «Irises»

A project surprisingly bright blue taffies became basis of that was worked out. A small butterfly that became nice addition. On a white background from a mother-of-pearl mosaic the bright paints of picture look simply strikingly! Truly life-asserting project.   … Читать далее

Mosaic Fireplace in the Ukrainian style

Tile fireplace idea proposed by the customer. He also sent a pattern that emu liked. In turn, we traced the pattern exactly to the desired size.    

«Marble carpet» mosaic

First there was an electronic design marble mosaic carpet. Rather complex pattern with many shades and transitions required a careful selection of materials. In particular, it was necessary orange travertine, rolling in a light beige, which in itself is pretty … Читать далее