Mosaic matt

 JNJ serie C-Jade 15х15 mm


Mosaic matt 10×10 mm


Mosaic 20х20 mm


Matt mosaic, mosaic quarts, mosaic semolina -all names mosaic with small patches of light, as well as a mosaic of «deaf» color. Mosaic — a general name of a facing material, which consists of the fragments. Translated from the Italian mosaic is — built from pieces

Mosaic mat in its composition generally comprises glass (glass substrate), quartz sand and colored metal oxides.

Tile size 10×10 mm makes it possible to produce the matrix, piskelnye panels, decorations, patterns of the puzzle for bathrooms, swimming pools bowls, work surfaces for the kitchen.

Mosaic 20×20 mm bowl is used in blends mixes for the pool, patterns and decors like a factory Bisazza, mosaic banners. It can be used on the walls of bathrooms, boards and panels, baths, stairs, walls, and in the bowl pool. Ideal for baths, saunas and hammams.