Mosaic Gold Decor

All beauty of this decor is created by a pattern and beautiful quality mosaic.

The White mosaic is a mosaic a 20х20 mm, has a white not transparent color on all thickness and smooth surface from every quarter. At piling easily lies down on glue, does not absorb in itself no other color, on a structure very reminds glass that can be washed by any abrasive means.

A gold mosaic is an imitation of gold mosaic measuring 20х20 мм. two kinds are complicit In a decor — texture and smooth. It adds aesthetic beauty to the tesselated decor. In appearance this transparent glass , from the back of that a gold cover is inflicted. This coverage is protected by a white mastic that is not stripped and does not yield to dissolution under act of glue for piling. Has a bright gold colour.

On the whole combination of these two colors beautifully look in this tesselated decor.