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Hi everyone! We are happy to welcome you at our website devoted to mosaic panels in all their magnificence.

What you can do here:

  • Choose from the catalogue and order any mosaic panel, picture or mosaic border.
  • Provide a printed picture which you desire to have made of mosaic and order custom mosaic design.
  • Order comprehensive interior design made of mosaic (for instance, WC, bath or balcony in an apartment or a swimming pool, porch or yard of a private home).

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Mosaic panels or Mosaic in your interior

You create the picture of the world
With mosaic made of particles of joy

Perhaps it may seem strange for someone but for us manufacturing mosaic panels, designer mosaic pictures, or mosaic borders is a real opportunity to create an image of a perfect world in some particular living space. And no matter whether it is an office or an apartment, anyway, a mosaic panel designed and produced by our company will magically transform space making it truly unique! It is a matter of honor for us to bring into life your imagination. Moreover such job brings much pleasure!

What can you offer you?

As mentioned above, the production of mosaic panels brings us real pleasure, therefore the work we do is of «excellent quality».

Custom order is real gift for us and an opportunity to show what we are capable of.

Your interior may be decorated with one of following options:  picture made of mosaic elements, designer mosaic panel, mosaic picture, borders, banners, mosaic assemblies.

We are able to produce art panels made of chipped mosaic tesserae and matrix panels.

At the same time, we offer our customers an impressive list of options: matte and transparent mosaic, smalt mosaic, natural mother of pearl, mosaic with aventurine, luminescent mosaic, «golden mosaic».

If you are not sure whether you need exactly mosaic decoration and whether this type of decoration will be relevant in the future, you need to read the following information which proves that mosaic patterns are trendy and popular at all times!

  • Mosaic pictures, mosaics panels and borders adorned residences of the rulers of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Byzantium. Also, panels made of mosaics were discovered in Cyprus.
  • Mikhail Lomonosov made mosaic pictures himself.
  • World-renowned artist Marc Chagall created a mosaic panel called «The Seasons,» which is a decoration of a bank in Chicago. The size of the panel is 280 meters!
  • The architect Antonio Gaudi also made pictures and panels of mosaic. The brightest and most unusual of them can be seen in the Park Guell (Barcelona). Mosaic panels by Gaudi are unique and incredibly expressive!
  • Mosaic pictures and panels are used for interior décor of Sheraton hotel in Addis Ababa.
  • The world-famous VersaceMansion is decorated with unique mosaic panels. The hallmark of the palace (which is now a hotel) is a mosaic panel with Versace logo.

So, now are you convinced that the mosaic patterns are popular at all times?

If yes, then you can start thinking about mosaic decor which will decorate exactly your interior!

Panels of mosaic for kitchen, mosaic panel for the living room, mosaic for the pool, mosaic for the bathroom, mosaic for hamam — all this and even more may be eagerly produced by our experts in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality!

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