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Mosaic panelswhat we offer you

Mosaic panel is a perfect option both for interior and exterior decor. Though it is not easy to choose the best one among the huge amount of designs!

Mosaic panels catalogue is designed to assist you!

After looking into our catalogue, you will be able to order the option you like. Perhaps, you will have ideas on new designs based on the seen options. We will eagerly produce custom order and manufacture an exclusive mosaic panel especially for you!

Floral decor” section contains mosaic panels with floral patterns: charming roses, royal lilies, touching snowdrops and bright peonies all this and even more is waiting for you!

Patterns” section is a real treasure trove of original patterns, which may be both a backdrop for a mosaic panel, and an independent element of interior décor.

Pictures” category will delight connoisseurs of landscapes, still life, and variations on the theme of world art masterpieces.

Décor” is a godsend for those looking for a luxurious alternative to wallpaper. A diverse range of colors, patterns originality — it’s all about mosaic decor!

In “Carpets” section you will be able to find real art masterpieces i.e. mosaic panels which can replace traditional carpets and flooring!

In «Icons» category you will find samples of the faces of the saints, which will help the believers to submit realistic image of the person to whom the prayers are addressed.

Moreover for your convenience we offer mosaic panels divided into following categories:  Bathroom  Kitchen Pool  Sauna

And, of course, you will be able to see the samples of mosaic used to produce you order!