Pearl mosaic

Mosaic JNJ series ICE Jade 15×15 mm with a pearly sheen

Мозаика JNJ IC86

JNJ Mosaic Series C-Jade 15×15 mm

Мозаика JNJ IC98

Mosaic Mother of Pearl 10×10 mm

Мозаика 10х10 мм Перламутр WA02


Mosaic Pearl 20×20 mm

Мозаика 20х20 мм RA-LW3


Mother of pearl mosaic of natural nacre 20×20 mm



Mosaic Shell was made ​​of natural mother of pearl, which is extracted from sea shells maluskov. From the same extract natural pearl shells. Play of light glowing pearl obtained from natural mineral inside. Refraction of light caused by the division of air dust-like veins on separate layers-plates.

New technologies are making mosaics of shells have opened prospects for home decoration mosaic. Feature of the collection, which consists in using only the production of natural nacre compares favorably to the radiant beauty of artificial pearls.

Mother of pearl mosaic of shells magically transforms any interior, adding a truly luxurious décor. Using elite mosaic decoration in your own home is further evidence of the high status and good taste.

Mosaic Mother of Pearl, Iridium — all names mosaic, pearl, iridescent sheen. The Greek Iridos means — a rainbow. When a mosaic of light is falling, he fights back with an unpredictable color, it turns out due to the fact that it is composed of cadmium and selenium.

These elements of not only give the original in the color, but also good for the properties of mother of pearl mosaic. Cadmium is resistant to alkaline conditions, on this, the mosaic can be easily cleaned with a detergent.

Tile size 10×10 mm makes it possible to produce the matrix, piskelnye panels, decorations, patterns of the puzzle for bathrooms, swimming pools bowls, work surfaces for the kitchen.

Mosaic 20×20 mm bowl is used in blends mixes for the pool, patterns and decors like a factory Bisazza, mosaic banners. It can be used on the walls of bathrooms, boards and panels, baths, stairs, walls, and in the bowl pool. Ideal for baths, saunas and hammams.