Mosaic Flower Backsplash

Panel size custom made
Production terms 2-3 weeks
How to instal panel see video instructions
Packing see details here

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Mosaic Backsplash Tile for Kitchen — Mosaic Art —  Flower Pattern Mosaic

Price is 28 usd for 1 sq. feet.New handmade mosaic backsplash tile.

Is made from mosaic 10×10 mm. High quality mosaics with rich and bright colors — perl, avarturine and matt mosaics.
We send it as tiles 32x32cm on the clear film. You can see it in photos. Easy to instal, we provide video.

Easy to care and clean it in the kitchen.

We can create it in your custom size. Price is mentioned for 1 sq. feet. Please order the  quantity you need.

Also you can send us dementions of your backsplash and we  would send you project how mosaic would look on your backsplash.

In any case kitchen mosaic is a time-proof acquisition requiring minimum effort to care on the one hand but on the other hand looking just gorgeous day by day.